For DGCourseReview an API is Par For The Course

Now that summer is in full swing we should all get off our computers (for a short amount of time) and go enjoy some sunshine. What could be a better way of absorbing some vitamin d than to play a rousing round of disc golf. DGCourseReview provides a directory that allows users to search by location and find local disc golf courses. The company’s Disc Golf Course Review API allows developers to pull course information, ratings, reviews and create custom applications using this information.

DGCourseReview has information on almost 3900 courses and provides incredible detail on each one. As you can see from the image above, users can easily evaluate the course style, playing conditions and difficulty, as well as share reviews and assign ratings.

The Disc Golf Course Review API is a RESTful API that returns data formatted in JSON and XML. The API requires a subscription and DGCourseReview provides tier based plans to suit all developer needs. All fees are waived during the Integration and beta testing period; a limit of 100 requests per day is in place during testing.

The Disc Golf Course Review API is one of 90 sports APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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