Digg API Version 2 Coming Soon

Social sharing site Digg is preparing a version upgrade to its API. Along with its flagship site's major redesign, which is not yet public, Digg will launch v2 of its developer Platform. However, there are new digs for Digg developers available now, with Documentation, language kits and what will likely become an app gallery.

The new developer site currently resides at developers.new.digg.com, but I'd expect the new to be removed at the launch of Digg's redesign. The Next Web highlights the only app currently in the examples section:

Perhaps the most interesting thing to be found on the website, unless code gets you all hot and bothered, is Digg Lite, an example of what can be built with Digg’s new API. Launched on a separate website, everyone can play with Digg Lite. Called “An open-source, OAuth application to showcase Digg’s new API,” you can download its sourecode as an example to get your development juices flowing.

A working example, with open-sourced code, is becoming an expected feature of new APIs. A working codebase gets developers going quickly on a new platform.

The documentation marks version 1 of Digg's API as deprecated. Digg's URLs are already versioned and Digg's API went read/write just in February, so I would expect Digg to keep the first version live for some time.


We list 62 Digg mashups, including the popular Digg Killer. Pictured above, the mashup is an arcade-style 2D shooter game with Digg stories as enemies.

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