Digg Mashup Contest Winners

Digg has announced the winners of the Digg API Visualization Contest. You can read about them here on Digg. Ten finalists were selected by the contest team and then Digg community members used their diggs to vote for the winners. The winner? Digg City, shows the 10 newest popular stories. The more popular the story gets, the taller the building. When someone diggs the story a stick figure of that user is added. Figure goes inside the building he has just Dugg.

You can see the second and third place winners in our earlier coverage here and see the Digg API Profile here.

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[...] So, what stories are others identifying as being very interesting and relevant? What better source for this information is there than Digg? To our benefit, Digg offers the Digg API to developers, and many people have taken advantage of this to develop some very useful mashups. The Digg Expose mashup takes Snap.com images from Digg and displays them in a configurable view. You can drag the images around, sort them, or change the category. The Digg Charts mashup (profile), another Digg API Contest finalist entry, is a Flex application that generates charts comparing popular stories. Additionally, a graph is generated showing a selected story’s popularity over time. See all finalists in the Digg API Contest in our earlier coverage. [...]