Digital Messaging Success With Message Bus' API

Message Bus is a cloud-native application service for email and mobile messaging. The selling point is the high deliverability rate, its ability to scale according to demand and the fact that it's simple enough to be used by developers with limited time and resources. The Message Bus API makes it possible for developers to easily add messaging functionality to their websites and apps.


Features include:

  • Transactional emails - users can send and successfully deliver transactional emails in quick response to interactions with customers.
  • Marketing emails - the application adheres to messaging standards and protocols, resulting in higher delivery rates, meaning users can be sure that their marketing emails will reach their customers.
  • Trusted sending - the company recognises risky behaviour, provides solutions to remedy this and adopts a zero tolerance policy towards abusive behaviour.
  • Cloud-native - eliminates hardware and deliverability issues and allows for reliable sending of messages on a large scale.
  • Quick start - developers can quickly and easily deploy messaging across channels by making use of the programmatic API.
  • Global delivery network - an intelligent system that analyzes messages, ensuring that they comply with protocols and are constantly monitored in order to protect brand reputation.
  • Reporting - provides analytics and reporting on every message.

The Message Bus API is available via PHP, Java, Ruby or C Sharp. It allows developers to access and integrate the Global Delivery Network functionality with other applications and websites. More information is available on the Message Bus website.

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