Digitex Launches API, Bolstering Automated Trading

Digitex Futures, a cryptocurrency futures exchange, has launched a new trading API that it hopes will be used for reading market data, sending trade histories, facilitating copy trading, and developing automated strategies. The company’s users have long requested this functionality.

This new API provides significant value to developers hoping to trade via bots on the Digital Futures Exchange (DFE). This will allow them to "create higher open interest and volume as traders do not need to be present at the computer to manually trade." 

The company notes that the value provided by the API is significant and worth the development cost associated with Integration:

"Although bot development takes time, the release of the trading API means traders are now plugging in and testing strategies, and with some small fine-tuning, we can expect bots to be filling the books any time now."

Users can access the API via a new tab in the account section of their Digital Futures profile. 

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