Digitize The Paperwork With Captricity API

Wading through reams of paperwork to gather data is no-one's cup of tea. Even in this day and age, not everything is achieved with the click of a mouse, and unfortunately, there are still many who have to sort through information gathered from hand written surveys, census forms and the like.

Captricity offers a digital solution to the tedious paperwork problem. Its a web-based data management service that allows users to digitize paper documents, enabling data to be searched, studied, stored, and shared.

Captricity boasts being easy to use, highly accurate, cost-effective and fast. Users can simply scan or upload photos of their documents directly to the website. This service has the ability to handle large amounts of data daily, and is a simpler alternative to outsourcing or using other software solutions. Also, its accuracy with human handwriting is said to be superior to software and OCR solutions, but if in doubt, the user is also able to browse the digitized data alongside the original document to double check results.

Captricity offers an API that exposes the image submission and data return functionality. The API is in beta phase at the moment, and developers who wish to use it may request access via a sign-up form on the website.

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