Digium Adds Mobile SDKs for Respoke Real-Time Communications Cloud Service

Looking to make it simpler for developers to embed support for Respoke voice, video and instant messaging communications and push notifications based on the emerging WebRTC standard within mobile applications, Digium this week unveiled mobile SDKs for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Once Digium began to actively recruit developers to build applications on top of the Respoke cloud platform, the most consistent piece of feedback received was the need for SDKs for mobile applications, Steve Sokol, project lead for Respoke at Digium, told ProgrammableWeb.

The Respoke SDKs are designed to respond to that requirement by reducing the amount of time it takes to add support for real-time voice, video and push notifications to a mobile application from weeks to days, mainly because developers no longer have to to master lower-level technologies spanning push notifications, call signaling, media subsystem integration, codecs, encryption and packetization.

With the arrival of the mobile SDKs, made available under an open source license, Digium has also updated the Respoke platform to support the features invoked by the SDKs. For example, developers will see a push configuration tab when signing in to the Respoke Developer Console, allowing them to set the credentials and certificates required by Apple and Google as well as define the rules that control if and when push notifications are sent.

Digium, which created the open source Asterisk platform for delivering unified communications, earlier this year unfurled Respoke as a cloud service running on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud to make WebRTC technologies more accessible. Rather than charging customers using archaic telecommunications pricing models based on minutes, Respoke is charging customers based on a flat monthly fee that is determined by the amount of compute resources consumed. Sokol says developers can also seamlessly go above the allocated compute resources on demand because Respoke has developed a metering application that keeps track of usage. Digium's Respoke platform includes access to the new mobile SDKs and is available as a free trial. Pricing plans start at $10 per month for basic usage and scale through higher usage tiers.

Naturally, there are still many bandwidth challenges that have to be overcome before all forms of real-time communications inside mobile applications become ubiquitous. But given the success of applications such as Apple FaceTime, it’s apparent that demand for real-time video capabilities within a standard browser will only increase in the months and years ahead.

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