Dimple: PMSI Launches Open Source D3 API

Practical Management Solutions and Insights (PMSI) has launched an open-source API project for business analytics: dimple. Dimple aims to open up the flexibility and power of d3 to analysts. With little d3 knowledge needed, the dimple API gives analysts access to the tools capable of creating dynamic graphical representations of datasets.

With over 20 years experience, PMSI continues to consult and build tools that advance the analytics, business strategy, and transaction industries. Dimple represents another arrow in PMSI's analytical quiver as data visualization and cutting edge graphical representations have taken a significant role in the Big Data movement. PMSI remains dedicated to giving clients an unparalleled view into ever facet of their business.

The dimple API is an object-oriented, JavaScript API targeted for data anlysts that do not necessarily have an extensive JavaScript background. The fundamental objects used for chart creation include chart, axis, series, and storyboard. Developers must include d3.js in any pages for which dimple is used. For more details, visit the dimple GitHub page.

Big data has developed into a household term in the Web 2.0 world. Titles such as data scientist and data analyst continue to pop up on job boards. However, the skill set needed to excel in the big data world does not necessarily require computer science capabilities. Dimple aims to bridge the gap between data analyst and computer scientist with a tool that empowers the programmatically-challenged analyst. Dimple could become a common tool for a burgeoning industry.

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