Ding Introduces Mobile Top-Up API

Ding, mobile top-up services provider, has announced that it will open up its services through its DingConnect API. Through the API, third parties can sell or offer mobile top-up through websites and apps. According to Ding, prepaid phones have grown to almost four billion, and top-up services complement any number of services in the web and mobile spaces.

"DingConnect opens up the world of selling top-up to a whole new audience - for instance a retailer could offer top-up as a loyalty bonus for its customers; a gaming company can offer top-up as a reward for gamers; a food delivery company could offer top-up as a customer service gift when things go wrong etc." David McGuinness, Ding Head of B2B products, commented in a press release.

Ding's top-up services connect to over 500 operators around the world. Prior to the API release, Ding provided top-up through its mobile app and at over 600,000 brick and mortar retail locations. With mobile and web developers connecting to Ding through the DingConnect API, the ability to top-up through Ding will continue to increase.

DingConnect is a JSON-based API. The API docs and Sandbox are built on Swagger for ease of use and implementation. Integrated apps can send minutes, data, and bundles to prepaid mobile phones in a matter of seconds. Top-ups typically arrive instantly. Those interested in getting started, should register to become a DingConnect partner.

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