Direct from APIWorld: AnyPresence Launches new MBaaS, Wins Top Innovator Award

Mobile Backend-as-a-Service provider AnyPresence has launched its 5th generation product at APIWorld, San Francisco, already garnering industry praise and winning the DataWeek/APIWorld prize for Top Innovator at the conference. Susan Miller, Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer at AnyPresence, spoke with ProgrammableWeb about how the new product will change the way API developers work.

““Basically, what AnyPresence does is that we help you accelerate development of mobile and web apps 5 times faster. We have prebuilt connectors and over 100 accelerators to do the heavy-lifting that is now becoming typical for any enterprise app",” Miller said.

AnyPresence provides a design Platform for developers to create an enterprise backend server and API for use as a standalone app or for later combining into another enterprise app or commercial app product. The design platform is separated out from the runtime environment and users of the AnyPresence service are not locked in. Susan Miller explains:

“As a developer, I can accelerate the code generation. AnyPresence does 80-90% of the code plumbing, and you can deploy your backend serverAPIs wherever you want – you can give it to a customer, deploy it in an enterprise data center or private cloud.

There is no platform lock in: what you are generating is stand-alone code from the backend all the way through to the User Interface whether it is for iOS, Android, or HTML5.”

With over 100 built-in enterprise connectors and accelerators, and a web-based designer that helps developers build from scratch or leverage templates to model app workflows, AnyPresence believes the service will help developers create enterprise apps five times faster than traditional development options. Analyst firm Gartner Research predicts that within the next two years, almost half (40%) of mobile app development projects will leverage cloud backend services, and AnyPresence hopes to claim a big proportion of that space.

Miller believes AnyPresence won the Top API/Platform Innovator Award at DataWeek/APIWorld specifically for designing an API development platform that is unique in its ability to accelerate enterprise development without sacrificing flexibility, and support evolving market needs:

"We have architected AnyPresence based on where the market is headed. For example, the Internet of Things will soon result in an explosion of other connected devices, so you need a platform that will empower both internal and external developer ecosystemsto support this evolving need."

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