Display Your Content the Way You Want. Prismic.io Launches Platform Independent CMS

Drupal is a great tool for content management but what if you don’t want to get cornered into a Drupal design? What if you want to format your data in your own way?

Today at API World, Rudy Rigot and former Play Framework cofounder Sadek Drobi launched Prismic.io, a cloud-based content management service that let you manage content for any kind of website or app and display it using your own technology.

Prismic.io thinks traditional content management systems, like Drupal and WordPress, try to solve too many problems. The San Francisco startup aims to take the complexity out of content and expose it through an API, so developers can adapt content to new platforms and sites.

The service stores content in a database as fragments, so for example, headers are separate from the body and so on. This allows you to query different fragments and pull them into your own format.

“People are moving away from thinking about content in terms of web page orientation,” said Rigot. “It is not uncommon to have content that you want to present in many different ways with no constraints on design and technology tools. Our service lets you do that."

Prismic.io provides an API browser that allows you to experiment with and design your data queries. The company also provide starter kits and developer kits on Github for all the popular developer languages.

The service is free as long as you are developing the project. Once you push a project into production, pricing ranges from $9 to $149 a month, depending on the size of your project and how large your team is.

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