Distant.ly Provides Predictive Travel Suggestions Via Traitfy API

Web developer Tom Rutka has released an app named Distant.ly that utilizes the Tratify personality API. Powered by Traitfy's big data and psychology, the mashup implements similar predictive methods used by Amazon or Netflix to determine a travel destination using behavioral clues. 

The process of supplying personal preferences for a travel excursion could potentially be tedious, so Rutka was on the lookout for a robust API that could aid in the process. Having found Tratify he realized the API design fit perfectly with his idea. 

According to Rutka "The documentation was simple enough to get up and running quickly. The code allowed any user to use their API and get their slide for the API in the app working quickly." 

The Traitfy API enables users to choose from a series of images to gauge their personality type. Distant.ly then uses this information to suggest destinations, activities, and even pair users with like-minded travelers. 

As a user interaction specialist, Rutka notes that Traifity's slide decks and advanced options have been helpful with development. When choosing the proper API for your application,"It's very important that the API is easy to use and is very accessible," said Rutka. Additionally, Rutka suggests paring with a vendor that offers tiered pricing models which scale cost to size. 


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