Distil Networks Launches Bot Defense for API

Distil Networks, a bot detection and mitigation solutions provider, has announced the launch of Bot Defense for API, a new solution that protects API servers from bots by determining whether a browser is present, and if a human is using a verified browser or mobile device to gain access. The solution also determines if a browser is legitimate or an API client masquerading as a browser. For quite some time, Distil Networks has offered a Bot Defense for Web product that protects APIs from malicious bots within web pages. However, the new Bot Defense for API solution protects the API server itself from persistent bots.

The new solution uses a "Hi-Def Fingerprint" to detect and identify bad bots. The Hi-Def Fingerprint is a method of identification that is based on more than 200 unique markers present in operating systems and browsers. If an API Request does not contain the Distil Hi-Def Fingerprint, it is blocked and deemed as browser not present. API requests are also checked against a list of known violators, and the solution limits API requests when a device sends too many.

"While usage of APIs to drive web and mobile apps is exploding, the security of those APIs remains a grave concern, with 21% of APIs going live without any input from security professionals," said Rami Essaid, CEO and co-founder of Distil Networks, in a prepared statement. "Distil believes that the benefits of APIs shouldn't come at the expense of security, which is why we have released Bot Defense for Web API and Mobile Apps. Now, the API server that powers your website or mobile app is also protected against advanced persistent bots."

For more information about Distil Networks new Bot Defense for API, visit the official company website.

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