Dive Deep into REST at Second Annual Workshop

RESTful services that underpin many Web APIs today should follow design patterns that make any Web API a good Web API. Such design patterns are all about respecting HTTP protocol specifications, respecting good URI design principles, or taking the full advantage of underlying Web infrastructure for Web API's good performance and scalability. If you are interested in such practices or in a cutting-edge research that may impact the future of Web APIs developments, you should look into the series of workshops on RESTful Design.

The workshop website explains:

This second edition of WS-REST workshop aims at providing an academic forum for discussing current emerging research topics centered around the application of REST, as well as advanced application scenarios for building large scale distributed systems. In addition to presentations on novel applications of RESTful Web services technologies, the workshop program will also include discussions on the limits of the applicability of the REST architectural style, as well as recent advances in research that aim at tackling new problems that may require to extend the basic REST architectural style.

The workshop topics include: design patterns and anti-patterns for RESTful services, composition of RESTful services, inverted REST (REST for push events), Integration of REST with publish/subscribe messaging systems, QoS evaluations of RESTful services, evolution, Versioning and extension of REST APIs, and REST compliant protocols beyond HTTP.

This year's workshop is co-located with the World Wide Web Conference in India in April. Interested in speaking? See the call for papers for instructions and deadlines.

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