Django REST Framework Upgraded

Django, the high-level Python framework, has been upgraded to Version 3.0 with improvements made to the API serialization process. Django Version 3.1 & 3.2 will be released in early to mid 2015 and are stated to affect development and user facing experiences, respectively. 

Django framework is a tool for constructing web APIs to back-end-services. Tom Christie, the primary maintainer on the REST support team, noted that: "There are some breaking API changes and upgrading will require you to read the release notes carefully, but the migration path should otherwise be relatively straightforward."

The latest upgrade specifically impacts how the serializers which validate the API inputs behave "under the hood." JSON outputs have also been made more compact with Unicode default coding, allowing for an easier inspection and debugging process.

Version 3.1, anticipated to release in a couple of months, will include developer-facing features that focus on improving the pagination process within the API. Version 3.2, scheduled to release in May 2015, will bring with it a more user-facing management panel to enable quick inspection and filtering of API data. In general, Christie highlights the necessity of having a solid foundation with the Python programming language in order to work within the Django REST service.

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Django REST upgrades focus on developers, then users




Guys, this is terrible. Have you read it at least? Compared with original release notes? 

First of all, it's not about Django, but about Django REST Framework, which is a separate project from, but works as an add-on to, Django Framework. Those are two different entities. Django has just hit 1.7 version mark, so confusing those two is a sign of poor research.

Have Tom Christie noted that for you directly, have you asked him for comments? Did he held a press conference perhaps? API incompatibility changes are quite common for major version bumps. Release warning is important, but making a story like this is just silly. 

I suspect that third paragraph was created by removing random words from IW article, which already removed some from release notes, and shuffling the rest. Every time I read this paragraph, it just doesn't make any sense.

And the final one, oh gosh. Those are release notes for 3.0 version. They have like 10 screens of important changes for THIS version. You haven't mention none of them, just took last, least important part (which will be elaborated in next releases) and made a story of it, which has no point and no sense. This is not a local evening news.

Please, be serious. Don't do this, don't turn this site into Bloomberg's press release section with bulls*it bingo phrases.