The Do-It-Yourself-Web

Martin LaMonica over at CNET writes this week about how The do-it-yourself Web emerges. In it he discusses the latest trends in tools to allow non-programmers build web pages. These range from glorified portal or home page creators, to collaboration tools, to more sophisticated enterprise tools. Here's a quick rundown of the list:

And he includes a couple tools with APIs that are listed here:

In the past these sorts of tools often haven't lived up their promise and it will be interesting to see how this latest generation fares. Those with APIs have the advantage of room for growth and extensibility which may help them avoid some earlier generation's limitations and lock-in.

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[...] The Do-it-yourself web. I wasn’t aware that you coudl build somethign with Ning without any coding.  is that true? JotSpot - yes - but Ning? [...]