Do Your Civic Duty Via API

Developers are familiar with bugs in their code, but how about in their city? SeeClickFix helps citizens share non-emergency problems in their neighborhood. And its new API will allow developers to bring that ability to more users.

SeeClickFix is one of several applications related to the Open311 movement initiated by the City of San Francisco, as SeeClickFix explains:

"The SeeClickFIx API gives developers the power to extend SeeClickFix's core functions. SeeClickFix supports the open311 initiative. We see our API as being a superset of the Open 311 standard."

The API is read/write, meaning you can browse issues, as well as add additional ones. Essentially, most of the features in the flagship site and iPhone app are being exposed. A similar service, City Sourced is powered by the FreedomSpeaks API and iPhone app.

The SeeClickFix API appears to be at an alpha stage, with the team focused on gathering feedback. The downside: things might change. The upside: you can have a say in how they change.

Via Justin Houk

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