Dobango Launches First Social Marketing Platform for Pinterest

Dobango, the newest venture by Nexage founder Devkumar Gandhi, has launched the first social marketing platform for Pinterest. The new Dobango Social Marketing Solution for Pinterest allows brands to create and manage contests that are driven directly by the activity of Pinterest users.

Dobango Social Marketing Solution for Pinterest

Image Credit: Dobango

Although Pinterest has yet to release a public API, Dobango works on top on the Pinterest Platform by integrating Pinterest API coding to automatically push pins onto brand-sponsored contest boards. The activity and engagement data of Pinterest users is then retrieved and posted to the contest landing page which allows contest progress to be tracked in real-time.

"We believe we have 'cracked the code,'" said Devkumar Gandhi, "and for the first time there is a simple way to run, manage and virally spread social campaigns on Pinterest."

Dobango has already experienced some success with this new Pinterest social marketing solution.

The recent marketing campaign with Outta the Park BBQ Sauce asked Pinterest users to "post their best photos from feasts, gatherings and picnics to the brand's Pinterest page." Pinterest Users chose their favorites by clicking "like" or "repin" buttons and "daily and overall winners were awarded prizes."

According to the announcement, the contest resulted in an increased Pinterest following for Outta the Park BBQ Sauce of over 150% and an increased Facebook following of 40%.

Brands have been looking for a way to leverage the power and popularity of Pinterest to market their products and engage with their customers and fans. Dobango successfully helps brands to achieve this goal because brands are able to "reward the behavior people already demonstrate on Pinterest."

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That's blatantly false. PinLeague has been active as the first and leading Pinterest Marketing Solution since February of 2012. It's a great service and has had success with very large brands.

Exciting news for Dobango! It’s so exciting to see more and more organizations unlocking the power of Pinterest. I’ll admit that as a marketer I was a little bit hesitant at first about joining this latest social media sensation but after coming across so many resources about how awesome it is, it’s been a tremendous help to my biz. An excellent Pinterest Influencer Network I’ve come across that’s been really helpful worth mentioning is PinLeague. Hope this helps and thanks!