Docketwise Makes Its Immigration API Public

Docketwise, an immigration software and case management solution provider, recently announced that it's making its Immigration Software API public. Docketwise reports that over 1,000 immigration law firms use Docketwise in their practice. By opening up the Docketwise API to third party applications, Docketwise can streamline the sharing of information within Docketwise and other legal apps.

"Much of the same data, like clients' name, address histories, translatable documents and matters, are used across apps," Docketwise founder, Jeremy Peskin, commented in a LinkedIn post. "Yet a frictionless flow from intake bot to case management system to translated documents and back is not possible without some connection between them. This is where API's are so powerful."

Peskin goes on to explain the rapid growth of Docketwise the last few years and the broader decision to make its API public. For access to the API, those interested should first visit the API site. From there, developers can review the API docs and request access.

The API is Restful. At launch, three functions are available. The contacts feature retrieves all firm contacts. The matters feature retrieves all firm matters. The documents feature retrieves all firm documents. To learn more, check out the API docs. Once you have integrated the Docketwise API into your app, you can get your app listed in Docketwise's App Directory.

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