The Doctape API: Not Just Another Cloud Storage Bin--It's Neat!

Doctape is out to distinguish itself in the tough market of cloud storage. To become more than a retailer of disk space in the sky, Doctape is thinking about how to make your storage useful. And it's vision for doing that may well be enough to carve out a niche in what otherwise looks like a flat marketplace where players are in a simple dog fight for market share. Just as Apple sold computers like every other electronics company yet held some crucial differences that allowed it in the end to overrun its competition, Doctape has similarly unassuming differences that, taken together, could be a game changer.

Like every other player in the space, users are given 5 gb free, and you can get more by recommending others, and by buying it. And, like others, it has an API. The Doctape API opens this cloud storage service to Integration. All operations except binary transfers are JSON responses. The Doctape API uses a subset of the OAuth 2.0 protocol for Authentication.

So, what's different?

Start with a classier UI. (Game plan sound familiar?) Second, get beyond the storage bin mentality to focus on 3 critical activities: how you upload files, how you organize them (I know, you don't; me either, but wait), and how you access them once they are up.

For uploading, you have the traditional drag and drop. What could be simpler? Possibly nothing, unless you can't actually open your account on the device you are using, let's say someone else's. In that case, you can email it--every account gets its own email address. On uploading, every original file is kept, and a copy is created in a web friendly format so you can access it from any type of device. Mobile Apps make that work.

For organizing, just type key words into the file's label box; that way, you can forget the name of the file and where it lives. A subpart of organizing is sharing--and you can share anything with just the recipient's email address; they'll be able to see it. There is a group Function for sharing. Plus great search capabilities.

For downloading, you can access the original, or a PDF copy. You can edit using Google Docs, among other features.

Each feature by itself is just a nice little twist. But, taken together, they set a new standard.

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