Docusign Boards the REST train

Earlier this summer, our friends at Docusign took their REST APIs to General Availability (GA).  Docusign has had an API for quite some time, but is now enjoying the benefits of REST to grow its community.

I've worked with Docusign's API in the past, and found that it packed quite a punch years before the recent GA.  For instance, Docusign was far ahead of the game in providing real-time.  The API also provided access to an exceptionally deep set of Docusign's functionality, and an extensive set of SDKs.  However, like many B2B Saas companies, they previously focused on the heavier SOAP protocol for its API.   Here's one more step in the direction of REST, as Enterprise Saas companies follow consumer trends to simplify the workplace.

Along with the REST launch, Docusign announced a few new features to the API, in particular its "FaxOut" project.  With FaxOut, Docusign allows users to send documents for signing through Fax, while still operating through Docusign's digital service.

Docusign's VP of Customer Success, Roger Erickson, was very excited for their new API push:

“The speed-to-value equation of our new standard is truly amazing, and we view our eSignature REST API as a ‘crossing the chasm’ moment for embedding DocuSign eSignature and workflow management into any business process or system.”

Congratulations to Docusign, and keep innovating.

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