DocuSign Introduces Organization Admin API

DocuSign recently introduced the DocuSign Organization Admin APITrack this API. The API allows users to easily manage all DocuSign accounts and users through a single API. Further, developers can integrate this management capability with existing systems.

To help users get started, DocuSign has published an Organization Admin Overview and Guide. The guide includes getting started information and the benefits of using the API for bulk actions through API endpoints. Particularly helpful use case scenarios covered in the guide include bulk management actions, centralized user management, membership auto activation, domain user views, and changes to user email addresses. The guide includes helpful visuals to illustrate how DocuSign operates the Org Admin data model.

The API includes five general categories: Accounts, BulkOperations, IdentityProviders, ReservedDomains, and Users. Accounts enables administrators to retrieve account information. BulkOperations allows administrators to import and export users and accounts. IdentityProviders allows users to retrieve a list of identity providers. ReservedDomains gets a list of reserved domains. Users provides methods to manage the various users in an account.

DocuSign has taken some major steps in the developer world lately. A few weeks prior to the Organization Admin API release, DocuSign introduced the Click API. Both APIs show advancement of the company's larger Agreement Cloud vision that aims to modernize contract and agreement systems.

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