Dolby Simplifies Access to Audiovisual Tech via API Platform,

Dolby, a provider of audiovisual solutions and the company best known for its surround sound technology that is licensed to consumer electronics manufacturers, has launched an API Platform to support the media and communications industries. The new platform,, will offer a collection of APIs that streamline Integration with the company’s real-time AV technology.

Initially, Dolby is providing access to two APIs, one that will help with the analysis and enhancement of audio filesTrack this API and another that will enable developers to embed multi-party audio and video communicationsTrack this API into applications. Dolby is planning on adding new APIs over time, all in an effort to broaden access to all of the company’s technology. The product announcement noted that the company hopes to reach untapped markets including “healthcare, distance learning, digital collaboration, online training, podcasting, and social media.” Aaron Liao, Vice President, Developer Relations, Dolby noted the value that they believe this provides:

“With, developers can now take the magic Dolby has instilled into billions of devices, thousands of films, billions of conference call minutes, and use it to fuel nearly any real-time interaction or piece of content – all at an accessible and transparent cost, designed to inspire iteration and creativity. The future of experiential media never looked or sounded better.”

The company is offering developers a free trial that includes “30,000 interactivity minutes and 200 media processing minutes.” Beyond that, the cost for interactivity APIs will be $0.0045 per participant, per minute. Media processing APIs will move to $0.05 per minute. 

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