Don’t Let Australia’s New Data Warehouse Go Unnoticed

The Australian Bureau of Staistics (ABS) began allowing direct access to a mountain of demographic and social reports by launching a new RESTful API.  

The ABS collects data concerning a wide range of economic, social, environmental, political issues gathered from nationwide censuses. They have historically released these findings for public viewing in CSV/spreadsheet formats online. These files have been accessible via download, but scraping this data had been a cumbersome process. Released somewhat under the radar in April, the ABS hosts an API to allow direct calls to the bureau’s directory. 

Developers are just now realizing the potential to be had with easier access to this mountain of data. Programmers can use simple queires and methods to return information. Use the call "GetDatasetList" to display a general overview of data contents that outlines methods for more specific queries. 

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What's that? The Bureau of Stats has an API and nobody TOLD you?