Dovico Software Launches Portal Featuring Dovico API Driven Apps

Dovico Software, a leading provider of web-based time management software, has officially announced the launch of Dovico Apps, a new Portal featuring a variety of Dovico API driven applications for Dovico hosted clients.

Dovico Apps

Earlier this year, Dovico released the REST based Dovico Hosted Services API to selected third party developers. Over 20 applications have been built using the API and are featured in Dovico Apps including:

  • Copy my Timesheet - Allows users to copy the time from last week to this week. Can also copy time for a few days.
  • DOVICO Mobile (iPhone) - Application that lets users enter time and expenses daily using their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
  • DOVICO Mobile time entry (Android) - Allows users to track and enter time on their Android Tablet or Smartphone.
  • Manage Assignments - Allows users to add or remove tasks from projects, create new projects and other management functions for smaller sized projects.
  • PunchClock - Application that allows users to check in and check out of projects so that time can be recorded.

Senior Software Developer at Dovico, Gerard Gallant, comments about the process for developing Dovico Apps and the API in the press release:

"The challenge was to find something nimble and open. The solution was twofold. First build a secure infrastructure from which Dovico and third party developers can easily push and pull timesheet data; the REST based API model was chosen for this task. Secondly, build a portal where the applications and services developed using this API are published, shared and improved. This would be available to all users and it would be easy for anyone to download an app or subscribe to a service. This portal is Dovico Apps."

Most of the applications and services available at Dovico Apps are free. Visit Dovico Apps to see the complete list of applications available. Developers interested in using the Dovico API can find more information at the Dovico Developers Site.

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