Drchrono Launches Wearable Medical Record App for Google Glass

Drchrono, a leading electronic health record (EHR) Platform provider, has announced the Integration of Google Glass with the drchrono platform, creating the "first wearable health record" accessible via Google's head-mounted, wearable computer. The Google Glass drchrono app makes it possible for physicians to perform various tasks, such as accessing and reviewing medical records, recording videos, taking pictures and notes, and receiving real-time notifications, completely hands-free. This is just the latest technological advancement for the drchrono platform. Late last year, the company launched the drchrono API, allowing developers to build third-party healthcare industry applications that include drchrono features and functionality. 


The drchrono EHR and EMR for the iPad with Google Glass. Image credit: drchrono

ProgrammableWeb reached out to Daniel Kivatinos, COO and co-founder of drchrono. "Drchrono's goal is to allow physicians, partners and developers to leverage the drchrono platform to build software and hardware innovations that will help make physicians more effective at their jobs, saving time — that being the main reason and driving force why we opened up our healthcare platform via API," he said.

More and more physicians are looking for hands-free technology that will help increase efficiency, saving them time and helping improve patient care. According to the press release, Google Glass is the first of its kind to make this type of hands-free application possible.

"Just like the Apple iPad, Michael Nusimow, my co-founder, and I saw Google Glass as something interesting with amazing potential," Kivatinos told ProgrammableWeb. "After designing our Google Glass app, we asked our user base if they wanted to use Glass in a medical setting. We have had 300-plus physicians request access to the drchrono Google Glass wearable health record out of our 65,000-plus physician user base. This technology is just taking off."

The press release provides examples of real-world use cases for the drchrono Google Glass app. Examples of use cases (all hands-free) for physicians include:

  • Taking pictures during surgery or any other sterile medical setting, using only Google Glass voice commands
  • Recording videos of patient encounters and/or medical surgeries that can be viewed afterward
  • Real-time data streaming of patient encounters that can be viewed by others from anywhere in the world
  • Flipping through patient profiles on the wearable computer heads-up display
  • Reviewing medical data about patients

In addition to the integration of the drchrono platform with Google Glass, the drchrono platform is now integrated with Box, a leading cloud-based content management and storage platform. The integration with the Box platform enables the drchrono app to capture medical data with Google Glass and then securely store that data on the Box cloud storage platform. It should be noted that all data captured from the drchrono Google Glass app goes to the drchrono platform only. If a physician ops into having drchrono "Box sync" on, the data streams to Box as well.

The drchrono Glass app is available for download for both PC and Mac. Before installing, users must create a free drchrono account. Videos explaining how to install the drchrono Glass app on both the PC and the Mac are available.

Drchrono has experienced significant growth since the company was founded in January 2009. The drchrono platform has been used by more than 65,000 physicians and more than 3 million patients. The company processed over $480 Million in medical billing last year. For more information about the drchrono Glass app and the other available EHR solutions, visit drchrono.com.

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