DreamFactory 2.0 Lets Developers Build Re-Usable APIs

The DreamFactory Platform empowers client-side developers to use the same REST API for each new project. They can now tap into a universal data access layer to power their applications, because the Back-end work is already taken care of. They might use different parameters or data objects, but the programming style is the same. 

Modern mobile development activity usually starts with business requirements and application design and then works backwards to server-side data sources and software development. Instead, it's better to invert the approach to designing the interfaces: first identify the data sources that need to be accessed by mobile applications and then create a comprehensive and reusable REST API platform that supports general-purpose application development.

DreamFactory architecture diagram

With DreamFactory, there is no need to keep building server-side software for each new project. RESTful services are no longer tied to specific pieces of infrastructure. Applications can be moved between clouds or from testing to production with ease. Client-side application design is decoupled from security and administration. Development expenses and time to market are dramatically reduced. 

DreamFactory is a free open source REST API platform that runs in the cloud or on premises. Single-click installers are available for most of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud vendors. You can also run DreamFactory on a Linux, Windows, or Mac desktop computer. A free hosted developer environment is also available.

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