DreamFactory, Verizon Partner On Cloud-Based App Portal

DreamFactory and Verizon put their heads together and conjured up a new portal for enterprise app developers. The DreamFactory-Verizon Partner Solutions portal is a single location where developers can access DreamFactory’s REST APIs to create business-class apps and immediately host them in the Verizon Cloud platform for enterprise-grade deployments. The companies liken the partnership to a “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup” moment — putting two great things together. 

The basic idea here is to let developers take advantage of DreamFactory’s auto-generated REST APIs to power enterprise applications that are then run through the Verizon Cloud platform. Signing on for the first time is easy, and a free portal provides a perfect workspace for testing purposes before deploying at scale. Verizon’s Cloud is robust enough to handle massive deployments and does so in a way that’s secure. 

DreamFactory says the portal gives developers access to cloud-hosted sandboxes as well as dedicated workspaces. Some of the benefits include instant access to REST APIs for any data source; multi-level security, including support for legacy databases, with access privileges managed by several security tools; client SDKs for common HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks (including native Android and iOS development); and an easy path from production to Verizon’s Cloud. 

DreamFactory and Verizon hope that by their pairing their offerings, developers will take notice and sign up. 

“Developers are increasingly in the driver’s seat when it comes to making choices on which clouds and platforms to use. If you can win developers onto your platform, the easier it is to grow your business,” said DreamFactory CEO Bill Appleton. “Combining DreamFactory’s REST API backend with Verizon’s enterprise-grade cloud services in a free development portal enables both parties to attract more developers and work to grow them as customers.”

And that’s exactly the point here. Both organizations understand that offering a complete package —  a single environment for developing and hosting business apps — is the best way to convince developers to give it a shot. 

The portal has everything developers might want, insists DreamFactory. Have greenfield and brownfield apps to kickstart? The portal’s sandbox includes DreamFactory REST backends, LAMP Stack, Mongo DB, and external service and database integration. It can integrate with existing systems through the REST services because databases can serve as REST endpoints. Progressing from the development phase through the testing and deployment phases is managed through CloudSpaces. 

Automated feedback mechanisms will let DreamFactory and Verizon know if any bugs pop up. Bugs can be reported, tracked, and, hopefully, squashed as the two companies get their feet under them. 

“We see this as the fastest, most effective way for enterprises to securely mobilize data for the new generation of mobile and cloud-based productivity applications for their employees, partners, and customers,” continued Appleton. “Securely mobilizing data has been a key challenge for companies looking to develop these new mobile applications. DreamFactory running on Verizon’s secure cloud platform provides a huge productivity boost for the development and operation of these applications, speeding time-to-market and driving innovation.”

Gartner believes automating the backend API generation can save developers up to 75% of the raw costs associated with launching such projects. 

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