Dribbble Launches New Beta Version API

Dribbble, a popular discovery site and community for designers, has announced the beta release of the Dribbble v1 API, which allows developers to create third-party applications that can interact and engage with the Dribbble community. This newly launched Dribbble API replaces the original Dribbble API that was launched back in 2010. The original API will be retired on April 8, 2015.


The new Dribbble API provides programmatic access to the Dribbble Platform with endpoints for the most commonly used read functions and some write functionality. Dribbble API endpoints allow developers to utilize buckets, projects, users and shots in their applications. Data for shots, such as attachments, comments, likes and rebounds, can also be accessed. The API supports OAuth 2.0 and pagination, and all responses are returned in JSON format. As of this writing, the rate limit is 60 API requests per minute with a maximum of 10,000 requests per day.

Dribbble is asking developers who would like to use the API to not create applications that are very similar to the existing Dribbble website and community or that compete with Dribbble's revenue-generating applications. Developers are allowed to create commercial applications that incorporate the Dribbble API; however, they must follow the API terms of use. The company has a Dribbble API Twitter account that developers can follow to receive updates about the API.

For more information about the Dribbble platform and API, visit Dribbble.com.

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