Drive Sales and Signups with InviteBox Referral Programs

InviteBox, social referral program, allows merchants, bloggers, developers (and anybody else with a web presence) to refer friends and customers to recommended products. Users can take advantage of pre-determined referral offers (e.g. coupons, promo codes, free products, cash incentives, etc.) or create custom incentive programs. InviteBox offers all the needed moving parts from creating the referral program to implementation, and the analytics to measure success. Users can simply insert a widget into a website or utilize the Reward Callback API.

Many of today's internet based companies continue to lean on vanilla advertising to drive revenue. Dropbox founder and CEO (Drew Houston), generally considered a web startup wunderkind, delivered a compelling message that traditional advertising continuously failed to deliver a positive ROI for Dropbox. Not until Dropbox implemented a 2-sided incentive program did Dropbox realize a 60% jump in signups. Hipster managed to garner 10,000 signups through a referral program without revealing its basic Function.  InviteBox sites that over 90% of customers trust peer recommendations, while other advertising channels receive less than a 50% success rate.

Users can simply insert a standard JavaScript widget into a website to use InviteBox services or achieve greater customization through the Reward Callback API. The API uses POST and returns in a JSON data format. The Callback API reports when a user posts to a social channel, when a friend visits a site through a referral link or completes a referral goal. Those interested can see full Documentation or view Integration examples at the API site.

Today, basic business planning includes an ecommerce strategy. Unfortunately for online retailers and merchants, the web poses an extremely competitive landscape no matter how niche the product seems. In a shopping community littered with ads and driven by click throughs, trusted advice comes at a premium. InviteBox has keyed in on the value of a trusted recommendation and hopes to put this power in the hands of many.

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