DriveWealth Expands API Portfolio with Wealth Management Services

DriveWealth has expanded its API offering to support investment advisors. The new APIs, focused on wealth management, assists advisors with portfolio construction. The APIs also provide for the investment in real-time fractional shares that enables market participation without as much capital risk. Both US and international investment advisors can use the APIs for US-based equities. Both traditional and robo-advisors can leverage the APIs.

"[Investment advisors] can streamline their workflow because our Wealth Management APIs seamlessly integrate real-time fractional share technology, allowing advisors to deploy one investment strategy across multiple accounts, regardless of a client's investable assets," Harry Temkin, DriveWealth's CIO, mentioned. "Advisors can choose to manage their clients' accounts in a discretionary, non-discretionary, or blended environment to create weighted, customized portfolios."

The APIs provide three levels of retail advisory service. The first level enables financial planners to make specific client recommendations; in turn, clients can execute trades individually. The second provides automated portfolio rebalancing based off of advisors' initial recommendations. The third level empowers advisors who provide fully discretionary solutions to individual investors.

DriveWealth has announced a number of wealth management partners in recent months. Credit Ease and CaiGin International represent two Chinese firms that have integrated with DriveWealth. DriveWealth expects to announce more RIA and wealth management partnerships later this fall. All of DriveWealth's APIs use standard REST/ JSON standards. Those looking to get started should check out the API docs.

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