Dropbox Adds Document Creation and Editing Endpoint to Dropbox Paper API

Dropbox has announced a new API Endpoint for its Paper API. Paper is Dropbox's collaborative document product that allows teams to create, edit, and organize documents in a shared setting. The Paper API allows third party apps access to Paper. The latest Paper API endpoint brings create and upload functionality to third party apps.

Prior to the launch of the new endpoint, third party app access to Paper was limited to sharing and downloading Paper documents. Users have long requested the ability to create and and edit Paper docs with third party apps. Dropbox have answered that request with the new endpoint.

Once integrated with the Paper API, developers can point to the new endpoint for document creation and editing. With this in place, app users needn't leave their app in order to create a new Dropbox Paper document, or edit an existing Dropbox Paper document. Unlike the previous, limited endpoints available through the Paper API, the new endpoint truly allows users full Dropbox Paper functionality within alternative apps.

Dropbox has partnered with various tools and content providers to make its Paper product more dynamic to users. The new API endpoint increases this portfolio by bring Paper to third parties, as opposed to building up Dropbox's internal toolset. In a hotly contested collaboration market, full access to collaborative docs within third party apps could serve as a game changing value proposition for Dropbox.

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