Dropbox Announces New Features In Its Datastore API

Popular cloud file-sharing Platform Dropbox has announced the addition of three new features to its Datastore API. Data stores are simple embedded databases that are linked to Dropbox, making it easy to keep an app's per-user data (settings, bookmarks and game state) in sync across multiple devices. These additional features are designed to make the process even more effective.

First of the new features is the shared data stores, which allow an app to share data stores with other Dropbox users by setting permissions and sending the data store ID. Next is the local data stores, which allow an app to make use of data stores without the need for a user to log in with Dropbox first. Data will be stored locally until the user logs in to Dropbox at a later stage, after which everything will be synced across devices. Then there are the data store Webhooks, which are an addition to the existing file webhooks. The availability of this feature means that a Web app can receive immediate notifications when a user's data stores change. In addition to these new features, all of the SDKs have been updated with bug fixes, and support for iOS 8 and Android L has been added to the mobile SDKs.

Further information on the updated Datastore API is available here.

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