Dropbox API v1 Now Deprecated

The Dropbox API v1 is now deprecated. The deprecation includes both endpoints (i.e. the Core API and the Business API). v1 will remain available for the next year, but will be turned off for good on June 28, 2017. The deprecation remains inline with Dropbox's deprecation versioning strategy, a move that many API providers have built in to their API planning.

Dropbox encourages developers to transition and start building with v2. Check out the migration guide for assistance. v2 adds new endpoints and features. Further, Dropbox has open-sourced its SDK generator (i.e. Stone). The open-source approach empowers developers to create Dropbox SDKs in their language of choice. Dropbox encourages developers to leverage the open ecosystem.

In additional to the migration guide, Dropbox provided a helpful transitioning checklist

  • Check whether you need to migrate your user's access tokens or re-authenticate with a new permission.
  • Familiarize yourself with the new v2 syntax. Read up on the patterns of v2 endpoints, do a tutorial for an SDK, and test-drive v2 calls with your own data in the API Explorer.
  • Figure out which v1 endpoints your app uses, and look up the equivalent ones in API v2 using our v1 → v2 mapping table.
  • Update your app's code, replacing API v1 calls with API v2 calls.
  • If there's functionality missing in v2, update what you can, and support the rest with a hybrid integration. Also, please file a support ticket with us about the missing functionality, so we can keep track of feature requests.
  • Update the error handling in your app to utilize v2 errors.

Mapping will be critical to move to v2 as many endpoints have changed, and v2 solely uses OAuth 2. Dropbox has a robust v1 to v2 mapping chart for all endpoints. One thing to keep in mind for users that plan to stick with v1 for the immediate future: all new features will be added to v2 only, not v1.

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