Dropbox API V2 Brings Sync, Datastore API Deprecations

Dropbox recently announced the upcoming release of the Dropbox API version 2. The goal of the release is to simplify the developer experience. As part of its effort to simplify the experience and move developers to the Core API, Dropbox has also announced the deprecation of the Sync and Datastore APIs.

While all new Dropbox apps should use the Core API, existing apps that utilize the Sync and Datastore APIs have some time to make the transition. Dropbox will continue to support both APIs and implement bug fixes through Oct. 23. Since the Core API powers the Sync SDK, existing apps utilizing Sync will continue to work; however, bug fixes will cease. Datastore bug fixes will end in six months; however, Datastore endpoints will only remain available through April 2016.

The Sync API was originally released to ease file syncing with Dropbox. However, in reality, the Sync API and SDK caused confusion. Developers found themselves choosing Core when they should have chosen Sync (and vice versa). Additionally, developers were forced to make trade-offs from a functionality standpoint when making the Core/Sync decision. With the v2 release, Dropbox will offer more syncing features, and a single solution to meet syncing needs should simplify development.

The Datastore API was created to support syncing of structured (nonfile) data. Simply put, Dropbox has not seen the Datastore API adoption for which it had hoped. Unlike the Core API, the Datastore API operates with nonfile data. Accordingly, Dropbox intends to work individually with developers to migrate to an alternative option.

Dropbox, like many API providers, has announced and launched a concerted effort to simplify its API offerings. As the API economy continues to expand, API portfolios have become vast and complex. Facebook, Microsoft and many others have commenced API consolidation efforts with the intent to more deeply embed their services into users' ecosystems and simplify implementation with such services. For Dropbox developers, it's time to start transitioning away from Sync and Datastore and get ready for v2.

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