Dropbox Core API Adds Shared Folder Metadata

Dropbox has announced the full production of shared folder metadata, which allows developers to see the users who are part of a shared folder, permissions each user has and who last modified a file in a folder. Dropbox released the functionality in beta production last summer. After a successful beta trial and effective developer feedback, Dropbox has moved the functionality into full production.

When Dropbox announced the shared folder metadata functionality, the company mentioned that the move was a first step toward granting "programmatic access to create and manipulate shared folders in the Core API." To help developers understand the new functionality and integrate with the API, Dropbox has provided a shared folder metadata demo. The Source Code for the demo can be found at Dropbox's GitHub site.

The Core API remains the driving interface for all Dropbox mobile apps and SDKs. The API continues to evolve, and the addition of shared folder metadata represents one aspect of the Core API's evolution. With the new functionality, API users can view who has access to a folder, when a folder was last manipulated, what rights and permissions a user has with regards to a certain folder and more. For more details, visit the Core API docs.

Metadata continues to grow in importance as the ability of individuals and enterprises to analyze data continues to improve. Shared folder metadata can give apps and companies critical insight into the history and progress of a given file. Programmatic access to such data simplifies metadata collection and offers an incentive to utilize Dropbox as a cloud storage Platform. Look for more API methods that are sure to be added to the Dropbox Core API.

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