Dropbox Datastore API Out of Beta, Stable Release Now Available

Back in July, ProgrammableWeb reported that Dropbox had launched a beta version of the Dropbox Datastore API which provides a new method of syncing and storing data on Dropbox. Dropbox has just announced that the Datastore API is now out of beta and the first stable version of the API has been released.


The Dropbox Datastore API allows data to be seamlessly synced across platforms and stable versions of Datastore API SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript have also been released. Before using the Datastore API or SDKS to create applications, developers need to create an app on the Dropbox App Console.

Dropbox provide examples, tutorials, detailed documentation, and a forum to help developers use the APIs and SDKs. Developers can find additional information about the Dropbox platform on the Developers site. There is also a nice overview available for those not familiar with the Dropbox file storage and sharing service.

Janet Wagner is a technical writer and contributor to ProgrammableWeb who covers breaking news and in-depth analysis. She specializes in creating well-researched, in-depth content about APIs, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, analytics, and other advanced technologies.

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