Dropbox Introduces v2 of its Team Events API

Dropbox recently introduced a v2 of its team events API. Dropbox rewrote the team events API from the ground up. V2 includes over 300 events that Dropbox Business users can access through the activity log.

"The new v2 API (team_log/get_events) improves upon its v1 predecessor with a rich schema, new attributes, and detailed per-event Documentation that makes it easy to work with all event types," Dropbox's JJ Kass stated in a blog post announcement.

Dropbox designed the API to enable Dropbox Business users to monitor and audit activity within a team. Such monitoring can include the use of realtime workflow applications, security information and event management applications, business intelligence tools, and more. Dropbox encourages developers to share feedback and other use case scenarios at the developer forum.

The team/log/get_events Endpoint used in v1 has migrated to team_log/get_events in v2. Dropbox indicates the rewrite of this endpoint will improve normalization, predictability and functionality. Additionally, Dropbox has moved common audit log events from v1's variable info_dict to a schema which includes common elements such as timestamp, event category, event type, actor, context, and much more. For more details, check out the migration guide

The API docs have been updated with v2 information. Event lifespans are two years. Older events will not be returned. Dropbox has published a number of examples that demonstrate the benefits of v2 over v1.

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