Dropbox Launches DBX Platform and New APIs

Dropbox has announced the launch of the DBX Platform, a suite of APIs and developer tools for building new capabilities on top of Dropbox. The company also announced the release of two new APIs; Metadata API and File Requests API. These new APIs are built on Dropbox API V2, the revamped API released in 2015 that replaces Dropbox API V1. Version 1 of the Dropbox API will be shut down on September 28, 2017.

With the release of the DBX Platform comes the new Metadata API, which makes information easily searchable by allowing developers to assign custom metadata labels and values to Dropbox files via third-party applications. The platform also includes the new File Requests API, which developers can use to automate the creation of file requests. The API can also be used to embed file requests into other workflows.

In addition to new API capabilities, the DBX Platform includes new integrations with Autodesk tools, Jira Software by Atlassian, and Microsoft Outlook. These integrations allow Dropbox capabilities to be extended into these productivity tools. Dropbox announced another new Integration with Autodesk is coming soon, and will allow users to access Dropbox content from within the AutoCAD desktop application.

"When our in-house document management system became slow and unreliable, we were confident we could build our own replacement with Dropbox thanks to its intuitive and well-documented APIs," said Dow Jones software engineer Vivek Sunder, in a prepared statement. "Our new solution is not only faster and easier to maintain, but also allows users to access all their contracts using Dropbox's user friendly interface."

For more information about the DBX Platform, visit https://www.dropbox.com.

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