Dropbox Releases API Explorer to Test API Calls

To help developers better understand the Dropbox API version 2 and test examples, Dropbox has released the Dropbox API Explorer. The Explorer allows developers to submit API calls to each and every Dropbox API Endpoint with customized parameters. In turn, developers gain access to the code for the particular call and the API response.

The Explorer operates via a simple GUI that developers can easily interact with. Developers click on any of the 20-plus endpoints on the left side of the page to initiate the test call. Once the endpoint is selected, the user pastes the access token (there is a "Get Token" option for those who have not previously obtained one) and enters the path. The user selects from a menu of CURL, Python or HTTP requests. Finally, the user submits the request and views the call code and API response.

Although Dropbox has published detailed API Documentation and reference guides, a GUI through which developers can easily test calls provides a simple method to test Dropbox API Integration. The goal of the Explorer stands to simplify example testing, and speed up prototyping. Check out the Dropbox API Explorer and see if it can't keep you from "cURLing up into a ball ... [after] yet another syntax error," as the blog post mentioned

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