DropBuddies Delivery API Brings On-Demand Courier Services to Third Party Apps within Nigeria

DropBuddies, a Nigeria-based on-demand delivery provider (think Postmates in Nigeria), has released the DropBuddies Delivery API. Through the API, developers can leverage DropBuddies' courier network for deliveries directly within third party apps.

"Using the DropBuddies Delivery API, developers can integrate P2P delivery into their applications," DropBuddies founder, Oluwatomi Solanke, told Disrupt Africa. "The API is designed to allow application developers to check prices, schedule and book a delivery, then follow updates on that delivery until completion."

DropBuddies utilizes locally based couriers who are already headed in the direction a package needs to go. DropBuddies uses GPS to find and alert couriers closest to the customer needing to locally ship a package, document, or other parcel. DropBuddies uses a combination of maps, AI, and algorithms to determine the most efficient route and most economic method to ship a package.

The DropBuddies Delivery API allows developers to check prices and schedules, book a delivery, and track the delivery through completion. When an integrated app wants to check a desired delivery, a request is made for a delivery quote. The Endpoint accepts two endpoints (pickup location and delivery location) and returns the fee, an estimated time of arrival, and other delivery details. The user can then create a delivery if desired. While the delivery is in progress, tracking can be accomplished in one of three ways: 1-through the developer dashboard, 2- Polling the API, or 3-webhook utilization. For more details, check out the API docs.

DropBuddies has built a network of more than 500 couriers. DropBuddies wants to grow that number, and including businesses in their user base through the API could very well attract more demand for the service.  Follow more updates through the company blog.

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