DropCatch.com Opens Access to Domain Name Backordering API

DropCatch.com, an expiring domain name backordering service, has opened access to its Backorder API. The API allows users to programmatically backorder and cancel open backorders. DropCatch.com customers have long asked for API access to such functionality, and DropCatch.com has delivered. The API utilizes NameBright.com API accounts, and the Backorder API is structured similarly to the NameBright.com API.


DropCatch.com reports that between 60,000 and 85,000 dot-com and dot-net domain names become available on a daily basis. The domain names become available at the daily "drop" when the owner fails to pay the annual renewal fee. The "drop market" has become highly competitive, and the general public cannot compete with the sophisticated algorithms that detect the millisecond a domain name will drop and then purchase the available name. DropCatch.com was created to provide access to such domains and allows the average Joe to backorder a name knowing that DropCatch.com's algorithm will do the heavy lifting when it comes to acting on the drop. API access allows developers to gain access to this backorder process and could expand the potential use cases for DropCatch.com.

The RESTful API offers two endpoints. The first Endpoint allows users to backorder a specific domain name. The second allows users to cancel an existing backorder. The DropCatch team has published examples in C# and CURL at the GitHub site.

As the drop market has long moved beyond human-based tracking, continued innovation is a must for a competitive advantage. DropCatch.com's API release both expands its customer reach and offers enhanced value to its customer base. Learn more at the blog announcement, or check out the API and look for ongoing enhancements.

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