DVD Collector Remixes Best Buy API to Share Compilation

A late night and the spark of an idea were all Alex Stone needed to get started on his site to track and share DVDs amongst friends. And the project took him less than 10 hours, because all the content, from DVD titles to images and descriptions, come from Best Buy Remix (our Best Buy Remix API profile).

The site, Super DVD Robot, lets you search DVDs to add to your own collection or wishlist. You can also see what your friends have, and keep track of what they've added recently.

Along with a 5% affiliate share on every purchase, Stone also earned himself a trip to Austin, Texas, to demo his site at SXSW at Circus Mashimus hosted by ProgrammableWeb sponsor Mashery. We asked him about the background of the site and how he built it, which you can see in the video embedded below.

Best Buy's API is wide open. You can find any of the products the store sells, not just DVDs. Additionally, you can access recommended products, which has many potential applications. In fact, the store's flagship site runs several features, such as rotating carousels, off the API, making it the largest user of the service.

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