Dwolla Boosts Java Support with Kotlin

Dwolla has adopted the Kotlin programming language, with a focus on helping its Java clients. Specifically, the company created a new Kotlin-based SDK for its API. Dwolla maintains that Kotlin is wholly compatible with Java and, more importantly, simpler to use and maintain.

The end goal here is to improve developer productivity and reduce the time it takes companies to develop apps and bring them to market. 

Dwolla, which facilitates online payments and bank transfers, says feedback from developers spurred this action. Its aim is to make it easier for Java developers to integrate with the Dwolla API. Kotlin has been around for several years now and is widely used by Google for the Android operating system. 

"One of [Java's] biggest selling points was interoperability with existing Java code," said Dwolla's Stephen Ausman in a blog post. "It came across as a friendlier, more modern version of Java. The idea of this new language providing developers with a more helpful way to approach JavaScript led me down the road of writing the new SDK in Kotlin."

Kotlin is similar to other languages and Ausman claims the learning curve wasn't difficult to climb. With the Kotlin SDK, Dwolla's API now has two support languages with a single codebase thanks to the 100% interoperability between Kotlin and Java. Kotlin's Documentation includes a section for calling Kotlin code from Java -- something that can be done out of the box. Other tools to consider using include Gradle (for building) and Jitpack.io (for publishing). 

"The biggest takeaways for me were that writing a Java Library with Kotlin can be done and the process isn’t too difficult," concluded Ausman. "All in all, I would certainly look into writing your next Java library in Kotlin as it contains many features that make it an attractive, fun, and powerful language to work with."

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