Dynamic Yield Enhances API Suite to Embrace Server-Side Implementations

Dynamic Yield, a company that offers personalization services for the marketing industry, has expanded its portfolio of APIs in order to streamline server-side implementations. The company is hoping to faithfully translate its entire portfolio of services into an experience that excels in a more diverse set of environments. 

In the announcement of the new APIs, Dynamic Yield noted that this change is a result of digital marketing becoming a more robust environment:

“The most commonly employed method for testing and content personalization is by utilizing in-browser JavaScript libraries, which are easy to integrate and offer marketers the ability to experiment with and enhance the web experience with little reliance on developers. However, as personalization and optimization have become increasingly strategic for brands, digital product teams are expressing a desire to integrate such capabilities natively in their digital customer touchpoints, be it their websites, mobile apps, or real-world digital interfaces such as kiosks and drive-thru menu boards.”

Especially in the COVID-19 era of business, the need to communicate with customers in an effective manner is paramount. This new direction by Dynamic Yield serves to expand the opportunities that its partners have to target customers in a personalized manner. The company also notes that server-side implementations have additional benefits including limiting the amount of personal data that processed via the browser. Additionally, launching campaigns on the server could have the benefit of reduced latency. 

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