Dynamsoft SDK Adds Webcam Image Capture

Dynamsoft, a version control and digital image solution provider, now includes webcam image capture functionality within its SDK. This new feature adds to the recently released 1-D bar-code reading capability. With the added webcam functionality under the 10.2 SDK, Dynamsoft offers one of the most complete document management solutions.

"Today's document management solutions require the flexibility to conduct image capturing from many devices, and this includes webcams," Dynamsoft vice president Amy Gu said in a press release. "The use of cameras for document management applications is mission-critical in many applications. ... [P]roviding an all-in-one SDK with webcam image capture alongside 1-D bar-code reading capabilities is vital. This helps developers that are also themselves increasingly looking to develop all-in-one solutions."

The webcam addition responds to the direct needs for applications in demand. For instance, many banks offer check deposits via image capture. While mobile cameras meet this need, the webcam fills a hole for a user sitting at a desktop. As Gu explained, Dynamsoft continues to work toward an all-in-one solution.

The latest SDK release supports DirectShow and its API. Additionally, Dynamsoft added OS X 64-bit functionality for native scanning or the use of 64-bit TWAIN drivers. The new version also includes an improved HTML5 image viewer and editor. These features add to the ongoing list of improvements, including the recent additions of JavaScript IntelliSense support, HTML5 WebSocket connection and improved caching. A royalty-free version exists, but the full SDK starts at $399 per server for nonproduction environments and $799 per server for production environments.

The latest version is available for purchase today. Those interested, or with questions, can reach out to the Dynamsoft team. Support teams are available via email, live chat, forum and phone.

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