E-HAWK Launches Vetting API Connector

E-HAWK, a cyber intelligence provider focused on combating fraudulent sign ups, has released the Vetting API Connector. The API automates the various vetting tools E-HAWK has deployed to analyze sign ups to determine the risk of fraud. The technology analyzes risk by vetting IP address, email, phone number, location, device and more. Based on risk levels, companies utilizing E-HAWK tools can set automatic responses to fraudulent activity.

Peter Cholnoky, E-HAWK CEO, explained:

“The service not only helps block fraud, bots, and spam users, but also streamlines the customer interaction process....This leads to improved sales and better customer support.”

E-HAWK originally launched in 2012 with the help of some email service providers (e.g. MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendGrid, Dyn and more). Today, E-HAWK has vetted over 3 million web registrations. E-HAWK monitors potential bad actors for many clients 24/7 and its new API should only further its reach for those needing a more streamlined, integrated fraudulent sign up detection service.

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The Vetting API Connector makes REST-based calls and returns those calls in a JSON data format. The API integrates with any web-to-lead or online support form (e.g. Oracle CRM, salesforce.com, etc.). When a site user enters a submission, the Connector vets the information, calculates a risk score and risk type, and automatically passes the user data to the CRM system.

Fraudulent sign ups are one of the many routes to cyber attacks and social engineering. An effective security strategy for sign ups is key to those automating sign up processes. E-HAWK has served such a role for millions of online registrations and continues to expand its offering. To see the new API in action, visit the E-Hawk blog.

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