Easily Create eBooks from Web and Blog Content with Ebook Glue

Ebook Glue creates simple publishing tools that ease the process of readying content for electronic reading devices. Its flagship product, the Ebook Glue API, constitutes a straightforward tool that converts content to an ebook that its easily read on an ereader (iPad, Kindle, Nook, iPhone, Android device, etc.).  As long as the content can be sent over HTTP, Ebook Glue can convert content to an ebook.

Ebook Glue started as a side project built on Calibre (open source software package for ebook management). Since its formal launch at the end of 2012, the Eblook Glue API has converted content from over 2,000 blogs into ebooks. Ebook Glue supports over 3,000 bloggers currently, but has published the API as a long term scalable strategy.

The Eblook Glue API uses REST protocol.  GET requests allow developers to convert web pages into ebooks. POST requests allow developers to convert Mobipocket, ePub, or HTML files. 25 conversions remain free every month. Beyond the freemium package, three standard payment plans exist for greater conversion volumes. Visit the API docs for more information.

In 2012, ebooks represented almost a quarter of publisher sales (up more than 15% from 2011). Additionally, self-publishing continues to grow at a rapid pace. Ebook Glue provides the tools need for self-publishers to create ebooks at an affordable price without losing sales dollars to legacy publishers and agents. Now that the Platform runs through an API, expect Ebook Glue to experience continued growth.

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