Easy Payment Options Equals More Sales: Mygate API

Mygate is a financial services and payment solutions company that provides safe and secure transactions for online merchants across Europe and in South Africa. The payment gateway allows merchants to accept credit card payments from their websites, automate recurring payments, process manual payments for mail order and telephone orders, take fraud prevention measures and receive reports via a transaction reporting system. The Mygate API makes this functionality available to be integrated with other websites and applications.


Mygate offers several online payment solutions:

My Virtual - a Mygate hosted payment page where Mygate hosts the branded payment pages on their servers, taking care of highly regulated security issues.

My Enterprise - a merchant hosted payment page, providing flexibility and control of the payment process and keeping the card holder in the merchant's environment at all times.

1 Click - offers card holders a simpler check-out process, enabling them to only enter CVV after the transaction to process the payment.

Button Payments - requires no coding. On clicking the button, users are directed to Mygate's secure hosted payment page, with the merchant's logo and details displayed on that payment page.

Mygate's API methods interact with Visa, MasterCard/Maestro, American Express, Diners Club and a number of partner banks to pre-authorize payment and complete funds capture. More information on integrating the API is available on Mygate's website.

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