eBay Announces New Sell and Buy APIs, Updated APIs

eBay has announced the availability of two new Sell and Buy APIs; the Taxonomy API and Buy Marketing API. The company also announced some of the existing Sell and Buy APIs have been updated to add new features. eBay’s Sell and Buy APIs were launched this past October, and will eventually replace the legacy Trading API. The Sell APIs allow sellers to integrate eBay business management capabilities with third-party tools. The Buy APIs make it possible for developers to integrate the eBay Platform with applications so that shoppers can purchase items without having to go directly to eBay.com

The new eBay Taxonomy API helps buyers and sellers determine the best categories for items in a selected eBay marketplace. For sellers, the API helps the seller determine the best category to offer an item for sale as well as the categories of items that should be included in a campaign or promotion. For buyers, the API helps the buyer figure out the best categories to browse when searching for a specific item in an eBay marketplace.

The new eBay Buy Marketing API returns merchandised products based on a specific metric such as Best Selling. When used with other eBay Buy APIs, the Marketing API makes it possible for shoppers to browse by product and become aware of available products via a best-selling products list. At the time of this writing, the only metric the API supports is Best Selling.

Some of the existing eBay Sell and Buy APIs have been updated to add new features. The Browse API now includes enhanced buyer-driven search with more filters. The Inventory API now features a migration tool for seller listings that uses a retail-standard inventory model. Finally, the Sell Marketing API includes several improvements such as new promotion performance reports.

Developers interested in using eBay Sell and Buy APIs can learn more on the eBay Developer Portal.

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